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The demand for services is back, and we as a community are exhausted trying to satisfy this surge while employing less efficient work flows due to curbside. If you aren’t using UPbook Phones yet, be sure you find a time to chat with me, as this has become a must have workflow enhancement which enables you to: Create custom ringtones for folks outside in the parking...

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With so many challenges and uncertainties a lot of practice owners are wondering today: how do I now approach my practice to ensure we remain viable now and come through this crisis on the other end?    It’s a great question and one that every single business owner should be asking themselves to make sure they are making decisions and taking steps that are right for them…   So...

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Curbside is here to stay for much longer than we may be assuming.  I don’t think anyone is going to be too thrilled at standing in a small room with a stranger for 15+ minutes while COVID exists in any form.  If this is true, the timeline becomes dependent on a vaccine, which is still 12-18 months away.  What does this mean for your practice?  You Must Master Curbside...

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Managing your team's stressduring COVID - 19

It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress for many people. You and the members of your UPbook veterinary practice’s team are no exception. And since stress can have serious long-term health effects — high blood pressure, skin problems, poor circulation, even heart disease — it’s important for you to manage stress properly. Here are some tips to help you manage your UPbook...

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When we talk about veterinary practices, they often require specific features with respect to management solutions.  They happen to have quite different workflows, new data elements, treatment workflows, and a lot more to run their veterinary practice.  Finding and selecting a Veterinary Practice Management solution can prove to be difficult. This is why we have compiled a list of 11 Veterinary Practice Management Software for practice owners...

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Front Desk Receptionist

Business of all types are adjusting the way they perform during the COVID-19 pandemic, and veterinary practices are no exception. Every member of your team has a role to play in this new normal, and front desk receptionist duties are as important as ever. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key duties of your front-desk team as we continue to navigate the...

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In this blog, we have selected some of the best veterinary practice management books that should be given a read. The books that we will discuss are divided into two main categories, the first is about drugs and medicines, whereas, the second is about the practice itself. Here is a list of ten best veterinary practice management books that we think are a must-read....

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