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The top players in high-service industries, like the best luxury hotels and high-end restaurants, have something in common: their employees often use headsets to communicate internally. The humble headset lets these teams provide top-notch service to their customers almost instantly, often without the customer even knowing. Why does your UPbook business have to be any different? Let’s take a closer look at the power of the simple...

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Driving down the highway on the way to the conference I was stunned by this billboard: Walmart striking the heart of Amazon Here is Walmart, going for the juggler of the Amazon model…Amazon’s membership Prime. Now what is fascinating, is how late Walmart has been late to the party and yet how hard they have worked to close the gap. In fact, in the Walmart offices they...

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Are you a medical practice that needs to maximize profits, but without adding on another doctor or expanding your operations? Given your UPbook business’s existing staff and exam rooms, your only way to generate more revenue is to see more clients. When your UPbook business maximizes room workflow efficiency, you’ll be able to increase the number of patients you see, the revenue generated from those patients,...

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Dental Industry

When it comes to client satisfaction and appointment booking, the dental industry has had it figured out for a long time. Any business concerned with getting more paying clients in the doors and keeping their customers happy can learn from the world of dentistry—your UPbook organization included! Here are five powerful secrets from the dental industry that your UPbook business can benefit from: Focus on Re-Care The...

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