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The demand for services is back, and we as a community are exhausted trying to satisfy this surge while employing less efficient work flows due to curbside. If you aren’t using UPbook Phones yet, be sure you find a time to chat with me, as this has become a must have workflow enhancement which enables you to: Create custom ringtones for folks outside in the parking...

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When we talk about veterinary practices, they often require specific features with respect to management solutions.  They happen to have quite different workflows, new data elements, treatment workflows, and a lot more to run their veterinary practice.  Finding and selecting a Veterinary Practice Management solution can prove to be difficult. This is why we have compiled a list of 11 Veterinary Practice Management Software for practice owners...

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This is one of the most heart-wrenching questions being asked by veterinary practice owners today. Are you in this boat? Stuck trying to hire another DVM? Have you been looking for months, or even years to find another associate veterinarian to help take some appointments off your plate? And does it feel like an unsolvable problem? I have bad news for you...

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Driving down the highway on the way to the conference I was stunned by this billboard: Walmart striking the heart of Amazon Here is Walmart, going for the juggler of the Amazon model…Amazon’s membership Prime. Now what is fascinating, is how late Walmart has been late to the party and yet how hard they have worked to close the gap. In fact, in the Walmart offices they...

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