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Managing your team's stressduring COVID - 19

It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress for many people. You and the members of your UPbook veterinary practice’s team are no exception. And since stress can have serious long-term health effects — high blood pressure, skin problems, poor circulation, even heart disease — it’s important for you to manage stress properly. Here are some tips to help you manage your UPbook...

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Communicating With Your Clients During COVID-19

We’ve all had major changes to the ways we’re doing business — your UPbook veterinary practice is no exception. Whether you’re operating with a curbside service, telemedicine, or some other modified service, communicating with your clients is as important now as it ever was. Customers need to know that you’re open for business, and you can’t over-communicating that fact! Let’s take a look at some specific...

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Surviving and Thriving During the Economic Downturn

The outbreak of COVID-19 that’s spreading across the globe has impacted economies in huge ways. It’s a safe bet that your UPbook business is also affected, although most veterinary practices are still operational — for now. It’s easy to get bogged down with all of the negativity, but by taking certain steps now, you can not only survive this economic downturn, but thrive. Here are some...

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Front Desk

When was the last time you considered the language your team uses at your UPbook practice’s front desk? You may have a script in place to guide your team members’ phrasing, and that’s good — but remember to be aware of a few common phrases that can usually be flipped for the better. Here are four things your UPbook team is saying that could be flipped...

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Team an Ownership

Everyone knows that when the boss is away, the entire atmosphere at a place of business is different. Your UPbook veterinary practice is no different! What if you could give your entire team an ownership mindset and really get every staff member personally invested in your business’s success? With the right incentive program, your entire UPbook team will buy in to the business’s success, financially and...

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receptionist responsibilities

Everyone knows that the efforts of your receptionist team make a huge difference in the day-to-day functionality of your business. But how exactly do receptionist responsibilities impact your overall revenue and profit? You might be surprised to learn that the front-desk team has a major impact on your veterinary clinic’s bottom line. Let’s dive deeper into three major ways that receptionist responsibilities make a difference to...

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The Three Foundations of Your Receptionist Training Manual

Are you working on building a receptionist training manual? It’s one of the best tools your veterinary clinic can have, both for incoming team members and foundations for maintaining skills training for your existing receptionist team. Get started with your receptionist training manual by building outward from three main pillars: your practice’s overall mission, a great greeting script, and a section on your company culture. The Mission It’s...

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Success online

We’ve seen a lot of success stories throughout 2019, especially in the online realm. Your UPbook veterinary practice can learn valuable lessons when it comes to engaging and impressing clients online. Here’s a year-end roundup of some of the great ideas from this past year: Use Social Media Creatively Getting creative with your UPbook business’s social media channels is a great way to connect with customers and...

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